Fall has finally arrived, and it took a hurricane to bring it in! In any event, the air is cool, and today is Hallowe’en aka The First Day of the Dead aka Samhain. As there is no such thing as coincidence, it just so happens that the new book that has been in production since […]

In my last blog entry, I took issue with the White House and the Administration fooling around with the constitutionally established function of the US Post Office. One of my readers, taking issue with the well established concept that our president is trying real hard to be a dictator, said that I shouldn’t compare the […]

I woke up this morning – August 14, 2020 – and I was upset. After a few minutes, I realized that I was upset because our American democratic government and way of life was on the ropes. It was on the ropes because of a narcissistic, stupid, incompetent, and misguided individual had somehow ended up […]

An Arthurian Obsession: Last night, Thur. 7/22, TCM aired “Camelot”. It was indeed a trip down memory lane. I decided to watch it again – for the umpteenth time – and was pleasantly surprised because, being TCM, it was uncut and had several scenes I did not remember ever seeing. As I watched it – […]

Talk about clichés! Last week, in one of their regular newsletters, AARP really pulled a good one. They had a page devoted to July 4th recipes from all 50 states. Charleston SC had a shrimp boil, Arkansas offered Possum Pie, Florida, of course, offered Key Lime Pie. Now that I list them – Ok, they […]

OR     The Evolution of A Historian Over the past 50 + years the book collection of of a teenager (housed on the headboard shelf of my twin bed) has seen the growth and retraction of literally hundreds of volumes. In this blog, I hope to share many of those memories (sort of a scholar’s memoir) […]

IN 1956 HOLLYWOOD and Ray Harryhausen gave us a movie which includes a quote that I am surprised no one has ever noted before. Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (1956).   Unrated | 1h 23min | Horror, Sci-Fi | July 1956 (USA) Extraterrestrials traveling in high-tech flying saucers contact a scientist as part of a plan […]

Looking around my Study, June 18, 2020 – after living a full, and mostly happy life following my dream of being a historian (1967 – 1985 in my head; 1985 to NOW as a professional teacher, writer, and editor, of actual historical studies), I realized that maybe now, I have something to blog about. After […]

Reflections During a Plague Year: a segue from Madame Langlois’ Legacy to Book Three, reading historiography to bridge the transition I was introduced to the work of Will Durant at Christmas of 1977 by a co-worker, she was my secret Santa and gave me one of her old books. Even though it probably was a […]

History & Recipes for your enjoyment and edification What follows below are recipes and a later chapter of the upcoming (Summer, 2020) culinary history of eighteenth century Louisiana and New Orleans. Herein is found the truly Original Creole Cuisine of Louisiana. These foods and recipes are true to the cooking styles and ingredients that are […]