Month: April 2012

All my life, it seems, I have been a wannabe. Now, with the advent of New Media, an advent 20 years in the making, I have decided to BE. For the past 20 years (plus), I have been a student of New Media, of books great and small, of history, of geneology, and of philosophy. […]

Working on the Natchez Indian lesson plan. It’s taking forever. Also, I have set up a new blog on wordpress, it’s called 1718neworleans2018

I have to begin today by declaring an unsubstantiated axiom to preface my historical¬† discussions and recipes for the Petticoat Rebellion Cookbook. That axiom is that Smuggling was the foundation of the Louisiana colonial economy. A corollary to this is that if a foodstuff, spice, herb, or potable was available anywhere in the Caribbean, or […]

Six more years.¬† Back in 2006, when the brick-and-mortar Philosopher’s Stone was still a reality, it occurred to me that 2018 would be here sooner than anyone expected. I believed that the bookstore should begin building its antiquarian New Orleans and Louisiana collection in anticipation of that great occasion. Economics and Recession put an end […]