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Blogging into the Void: Seeking Feedback

This blog and are here to provide Tricentennial forums for our community.

Beyond this Blog, I need feedback from the New Orleans community, so . . .

What is the creole myth? It could be that enigmatic inquiry-why is New Orleans such a tourist draw? What is the character of New Orleans?

The Food, er, the Cuisine.
The Big Easy.
Laissez le bon temps roullez.
?Bad? Politics arising from such an attitude.
The Parades
Bourbon Street = alcohol, sex,
The City that Care Forgot
A freedom, perhaps found nowhere else.
The Coffee.
The Garden District.

Je ne sais quo

So my job is to look back on the facts, the legends, the myth. And find out where it comes from. Where do I start?

I need to open it up and talk to people-here on the North Shore. To see what’s it all about. These issues need to be discussed in connection with the on-going 1718 Project. I would like to meet with any interested parties to discuss these issues. I propose meeting at St. John’s Coffeehouse (downtown Covington) on an appointed date and time to engage input into this fundamental issue. Any takers?


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Blogging into the Void: Inspiration

Ever since Thanksgiving – fully two months ago plus – there has been a dearth of productivity on my part. It was always edit the next chapter. Get Volume One re-edited and redone for a reprint. Every once in a while some writing a V. 2 would sneak in. Then again it was always back to volume one, damn the volume one.

Well, now it has been re-edited. What remains is to re-submit it to the printer so that a clean version can be reposted online for sale. And yet, for the past several weeks, I have been more and more slipping into a depression of sorts wondering if Volume II can ever move forward. Finally, today, February 9, 2015, I have taken the day off. I have gotten some interesting books. Today I begin reading and seeking inspiration. It has in fact already started. The Muses await, peeking around the door and window, and hopefully today and tomorrow they will make themselves known more fully. This post is the first step.


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