Reflections During a Plague Year: a segue from Madame Langlois’ Legacy to Book Three, reading historiography to bridge the transition I was introduced to the work of Will Durant at Christmas of 1977 by a co-worker, she was my secret Santa and gave me one of her old books. Even though it probably was a […]

History & Recipes for your enjoyment and edification What follows below are recipes and a later chapter of the upcoming (Summer, 2020) culinary history of eighteenth century Louisiana and New Orleans. Herein is found the truly Original Creole Cuisine of Louisiana. These foods and recipes are true to the cooking styles and ingredients that are […]

I couldn’t have said it better. The Reviewer was spot on, this is a great read. Enjoy it while sheltering in place. Jon G. -aka Jerry – Laiche Sabina Gabrielli Carrara’s thriller Black Souls welcomes readers to both Ireland and Italy, but you don’t have to live there to enjoy her dark … BOOK… BOOK […]

Seventy Five years ago, the entire world was consumed with the mission of destroying an evil that had almost consumed the world. A catchphrase among the free peoples back then, in response to complaints and inconveniences was, – Deal with it, “There’s a war on!”. The same sentiment can be said to be in effect […]

HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, and a MERRY HOLIDAY SEASON This year – in a gap in my editorial business – I am focused on building my “platform” **** You know, all that marketing junk that comes with being a writer. My website is finally active – you are there now reading this – but far […]

You Guessed it !RETIREMENT: Is it really all its cracked up to be? HELL YES !!!!!!! As I write this, I have been retired 122 hours. and I am still wondering what’s it all about. I spent 3 days catching up with all the stuff I couldn’t do around the house last week because of […]

Today is October 12, it is 7am, the wind is out of the North and East in my potager, and it is 57 degrees outside my patio door. Autumn has arrived in SE Louisiana !!!!! Widely acknowledged in “my neck of the woods” as the best three months of the year, the autumn months on […]