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A few weeks back, while working on the chapter about “hunting as a food source”, I found myself stumped, stymied, shut down, – blocked as it were. I couldn’t think of any way forward with the story. Luckily, with several more chapters in the bullpen as well as dozens of recipes to get on paper […]

A Very Simplified Timeline of French Colonial Louisiana   and a timely Springtime recipe from Volume 2 (in progress) {This second posting is here because the first had to be removed from Facebook due to an error preventing it from being posted properly.} The 1718 Tri-Centennial is fast approaching, so I thought a quick overview of […]

PRIMUM EST EDARE, DIENDI PHILOSOPHARII EATING COMES BEFORE PHILOSOPHY August, 2016. 65 years of age. This month, eating is covered. Clothing and shelter as well ~ barring any unforeseen major catastrophes. As I drove “down south” today to the Northshore of New Orleans, I was thinking about where had the joy gone?; the “joie de […]

Sad news reaches Louisiana this month. Louis Quatorze is dead. Louisiana’s namesake is no more. The Sun King has set on the French Empire. Philippe II, Duke of Orleans, became regent in 1715 for his nephew, the future Louis XV. Philippe ruled France for the next eight years and gave his name to the capital […]

A most American city. And later today, a most American festival. As I reflect on this city, several things strike me. This is definitely the most American city that I have ever visited. It has NO history. This place was Indian Territory until the 20th century. After stealing all of the Native American land, culture, […]