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The eternal quandary of the blogger, “what to write about this time?” This happens mostly when everything is going OK. So I guess I shouldn’t complain. More-so, my goals of pursuing the literary life are seemingly coming together. Madame Langlois’ Legacy is currently in my editor’s hands. Which brings to the fore, my next task […]

Here’s a high summer commentary on a writer’s life. Before you are overwhelmed by what may seem to be negativity, let me state up front – I LOVE DOING THIS STUFF !!!!! I just sent MY EDITOR three hundred bucks. It’s cool being able to write “MY EDITOR” after all these years. My first book, […]

Reflections on a Midsummer’s Day The sunrise on this day at my house (60 mile north of New Orleans) was at 5:57 AM. Since I live in a grove of mature oaks, hollies, sycamores, pines, magnolias, etc. I wasn’t in much of a hurry to get out of bed. So I got up a bit […]

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!  Let all who have ears, hear. Let all who have eyes, see. Be it known to all these present that CHANGES ARE COMING to the online presence, platform, and literary beingness of The 1718 Project, Technical Support Services, Inc, the new TSSI Editorial Services, The Petticoat Rebellion, Madame Langlois’ Legacy, A Classical […]

I remember back to the late ‘60’s. A few close cousins and myself had just begun to inquire into the genealogy of our huge family, and my Dad was opening oysters in our (his) neighborhood restaurant. Growing up in New Orleans, we had always heard of the Creoles and the Cajuns, pretty much always thinking […]

Sometime during the age when Greece was creating Western Civilization and Paul and the other Apostles were laying the foundations of a great world religion, ( 400 BC to 100 AD) the Mississippi cut a crevasse at Cannes Brulee (near modern Kenner). Through the crevasse poured the flow that would cut a channel west to […]

Now that all the “state of’s” for 2019 are done, I thought I would share how all my “professional” endeavours are progressing. We have had the State of the Union, the State of the State, and the State of the City, as well as numerous state of’s anything you care to name. Now approaching my […]