Ain’t Technology Grand !?!?

Hello Dear Readers, This post is simply to inform you that the revised, updated, and latest corrected version of The Petticoat Rebellion (Version 1.3) is now available as a .pdf … Continue reading Ain’t Technology Grand !?!?


My last post back in May originated in St. Louis. While I did in fact get lots of research done for the project there, it has been a while since … Continue reading EVERYDAYNESS

Self-Publishing and Self-Editing, Parts IV b & V; et. al. Self-Publishing and Self-Editing, Part IV b The institutionalized process of academic printing has also encapsulated all of the above functions (i.e. create, print, edit, bind, publish, sell) into the … Continue reading Self-Publishing and Self-Editing, Parts IV b & V; et. al.

52 Hours 23 Minutes and Counting.

Self-Publishing and Self-Editing: Part Two The book is written. The book is edited. On Sunday morning March 9 we loaded iTunes Producer with all the necessary files to publish our … Continue reading 52 Hours 23 Minutes and Counting.

Self Publishing-Self Editing

I follow Catherine Howard’s blog on writing and self-publishing, “Catherine Caffinated” Two of the main points made in all her writings are “Write, write, write” and you MUST have … Continue reading Self Publishing-Self Editing

‘Tis the Holidays once more . . .

‘Tis the Holidays once more. Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Yuletide! May you all have blesséd and prosperous days not only from Thanksgiving through Twelfth Night, but through all the … Continue reading ‘Tis the Holidays once more . . .

DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO MISS NEW ORLEANS… (with apologies to Louis Armstrong.) Today, this month, and for all of 2014 and beyond, I enter the world of marketing and PR. An unsavory notion at best for … Continue reading DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS TO MISS NEW ORLEANS…

Some Coffeehouse Ramblings

Once again in the coffeehouse. Once again wondering what to blog about. I still don’t quite get all of this stuff about social media. I guess it’s a generational thing. … Continue reading Some Coffeehouse Ramblings

Living an Ordered Life ;-) Being basically homebound for the next month or so, this week I began a new “lifelong learning” program. This “program” is not really new in structure, but it is … Continue reading Living an Ordered Life 😉

Adventures in Neuropathy A New Media Challenge On June 11, 2013, the boundaries of new media history were once again advanced. Working steadily for the prior three months, my research and writing … Continue reading Adventures in Neuropathy

Smuggling Spice in Louisiana smuggle |ˈsməgəl|verb [ with obj. ] move (goods) illegally into or out of a country: he’s been smuggling cigarettes from Gibraltar into Spain | (as noun smuggling) : cocaine … Continue reading Smuggling Spice in Louisiana

The Study

Retirement, sort of . . .

In May of 2010 I “was” retired from my 25 year teaching career. That is, my contract was not renewed –  for two reasons. First, and the one I tell … Continue reading Retirement, sort of . . .