Technical Support Services, Inc., contact: webmaster@tssi-no.com The1718 Portal is your gateway to the New Orleans Tri-Centennial celebrations leading up to 2018. Opening the portal gives readers access to a wealth of material being compiled to excite interest in the city’s 300th Birthday. There you will find access to our “popular history” book, lesson-plans, the cookbook, the blog, Facebook page, and our e-publications. All the materials give insight and knowledge to help you celebrate the tercentennial as only New Orleanians can. Users can also contribute to the project through the blog and Facebook page. Have a look, you’ll be glad you did. Elsbeth’s Creations contains fantasy artwork in several media, such as: oil paintings, multi-media, polymer clay sculptures, unique jewelery, photography, trash-to-treasure art, body art, and art dolls. Here you will find unique, one-of-a-kind art work. The Artist is available for commissioned work, as well.



1718 Portal

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